Inspiration from The Salad Files

When I speak with my clients about how much fresh food and vegetables they're getting in their diet, they often tell me they're bored with their options. Being part rabbit, this is a difficult concept to wrap my head around BUT, to keep my clients inspired, I started compiling what I call, "The Salad Files." Images of salads - variations on a theme - that come out of my kitchen. Most include remnants of odds and ends from my frig and pantry. All include some type of protein because as you can see, I make a meal out of my salads. I hope these images and and prep tips below will give you some ideas for your next meal and by all means, share your pics - because we all need inspiration.  

Tempeh, roasted new potato and beets, green olives, carrots and tomato

Brussel sprouts, lima beans, radish, red onion and olives over spinach

Simple nicoise with egg, steamed green beans, feta, black olives and tuna

Keeping things interesting and getting variety onto your plate is easier than you think. Start your week off with a large box of washed greens, mix in some shredded red cabbage and carrot and you have your base. Add high water content veggies like tomato and cucumber just before serving, otherwise your greens will spoil by mid week. From there, it's a matter of what's hanging around your frig; tofu, tempeh, beans, tuna, egg, chicken, shrimp, fish, roasted veggies, onion, leek, mushroom, sprouts, fresh herbs, almonds, pumpkins seeds, olives, raisins, grapes, get the idea. Final tip: use the left over cabbage and carrot in a stir fry or lettuce wrap to finish out the week.  Wa-Lah! 

The classic kitchen sink salad with greens, red onion, avocado, tomato, sprouts, chilis, garbanzo beans and pumpkin seeds