Workshops - South Florida

Workshops are fun, hands-on opportunities to learn new concepts and skills and share information about wellness.  They create a positive experience for co-workers, friends and family.  One or a series of workshops can be presented at your workplace, home or community event space 

Participants have time to interact, ask questions and explore ideas while enjoying hands on activities and product and recipe sampling. If there is a theme you’d like to explore and don’t see it listed, please let me know.   

  Sample Themes

  • Protein: Why, What and How Much you Really Need  
  • Juicing:  Quick and Easy Juicing for Weight Loss  
  • Eating for Energy: Simple Tricks and Delicious Recipes to Keep You on the Go 
  • De-coding Detox: Tips and Recipes to Stay Clean Inside and Out 
  • Makeover your Beauty Products:  Creating Organic Beauty Products from your Fridge and Pantry


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