Most people I work with have a sense of what they need to get their health on track – what they struggle with is where to begin, how to begin and having enough energy to succeed over the long term. Bringing more energy to my clients’ lives is the starting point, the spark that ignites optimal health. When you have more energy, your health evolution becomes possible and painless.   

What would you do with your optimal health? 

 Health Coaching Programs


One On One, 4 Month Coaching Program

Most of us know more water and fresh foods lead to better health, so what’s holding you back? 

The barriers and road blocks to optimal health vary from individual to individual. 1:1 health coaching affords you the opportunity to clearly understand your challenges and customize your unique path so you achieve dramatic and transformative results that will last a lifetime. Clients set meaningful goals and develop the habits to reach them while receiving highly personalized coaching, accountability, support and resources every step of the way. We work together to renovate poor, mediocre or under-performing health into vibrant, lasting wellness. Your personal wellness “blueprint” gives you the keys to keep your physical and emotional engines operating at peak performance. You’ll have the tools to transform your health beyond what you thought was possible, and very often, that leads to huge personal and professional growth spurts you may never have seen coming 

The most significant overall change since working with Betsy has been I am happier. I am in love with myself and my life again.  E. W. 2014 

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Group Health Coaching Programs - Powered By Community

Group programs are held online in a friendly and casual setting. As with one on one coaching programs, participants set goals, then make bite sized, easy to integrate changes to improve health, (re)balance weight and reduce health risk factors. The difference is; in group programs, participants also get and give encouragement to fellow members along the way. People experience the benefits of health coaching while being part of a strong, supportive community during their health transformation. 

Group programs are offered throughout the year. Limited space is available in order to keep the experience intimate. E-mail announcements for programs are distributed 8-10 weeks prior to registration with early-bird discounts and payment options available to make it easy to schedule and secure your spot.  

“... For me, it helped a lot knowing someone else was going through the same experiences. Betsy guided us at every step and when we hit our goals, it was great to be able to celebrate together.” R.B. 2014  


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