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Health is the vehicle - where will you go with yours?

Optimal wellness is within reach, for everyone. But without easy and enjoyable wellness strategies, healthy habits won’t take hold. When you tap into the unique factors that motivate you and learn fun and practical ways to improve your health, reaching your optimal wellness becomes easy. In all aspects of my business, speaking, leading workshops, coaching or workplace wellness consulting, my motivation is to steer clients onto a wellness path that’s effective, accessible and fun – because achieving optimal health doesn’t have to hurt.

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Stay Inspired

Keeping our mind and spirit fed is just as important as the food we eat. These blogs introduce topics to nourish your mind and spirit, and promote balance.

Rx For Health and Beauty

Food focused, these blogs include recipes, DIY beauty treatments straight from your fridge and high impact wellness info from my kitchen to yours.

Women's Wellness

Holistic wellness for women 45 yrs and older. These blogs will help you feel your best, look your best and celebrate the most influential chapter of your life.  




"I’m an ER doctor and mother of 2 young children. When I started working with Betsy I had some debilitating health issues, on top of that, I was exhausted and miserable. As we worked together, I learned how to correct my health issues in easy ways that I wasn’t taught in med school. I started sleeping better, my energy increased, I lost weight, eliminated 2 prescription medications I was taking and reduced another by 2/3. My overall health improved dramatically. Betsy’s worked with my husband too, also a doctor, and that’s had a positive influence our whole family. Working with Betsy has enabled me to feel better at home and function better at my job, which is critical in my line of work. Working with her was one of the smartest investments I’ve ever made - for myself, my family and my career."  -Andrea B., D.O. Emergency Medicine, FL