Testimonials — See what my clients are saying about their wellness journey.

Before I started working with Betsy, I would wake up tired and depleted every morning. I’d drag myself out of bed and think, ‘how am I going to make it through the day?’ One of the first things Betsy introduced me to were a couple of easy recommendations that helped me immediately improve my energy. I have a very stressful and demanding job and am nearing retirement. I wanted to feel good and look great when I moved on to the next chapter of my life and now, just months from retirement, I’m looking and feeling better than I have in years. While working with Betsy my sleep habits improved, I eliminated medication I’d been taking, she helped me work through food sensitivities and eliminate foods that were not only keeping weight on but harming my digestive system as well. I stopped emotionally overeating and substituted healthier snacks so I wouldn’t get too “off track.” when I did reach for something sweet or salty. My digestive system started to strengthen. After almost 20 years, I stopped drinking all artificially sweetened beverages and soft drinks. I added variety to my meals, started walking again, I was able to manage stressful situations at work much better and get over them faster. I learned easy “recovery” habits and strategies that helped me get back on track after travel or holidays. I started making small upgrades in my home that were beneficial...And then, I began to lose weight - which was what I was initially focused on when I began working with Betsy. During my time with her, I realized there was so much more to my personal health and wellness story than just weight loss. After making so many improvements to my life and my health, the weight started to come off, and this time, I know why and what foods are contributing to my success. It’s truly amazing how my relationship with food and my body changed since working with Betsy. Working with her was a life changing experience.
— Mary Ann B. Nurse, FL
My top three goals upon starting Betsy’s program were to reduce bloat, reduce acid reflux, and reduce my anxiety / panic attacks. Betsy was able to help me work toward these goals by really giving me a good reason to – when we started, my self- confidence was really low and as much as I knew other people loved me I wasn’t sure at that point how much I loved myself. Those feelings had started to manifest themselves in health issues and anxiety. With Betsy, I was able to work through and past that and started to feel better physically and emotionally. I enjoyed trying new foods that she recommended and liked (almost!) everything. She introduced me to “new” foods I’d never even thought about before. I have always loved food but she pushed me out of comfort zone to try things that I’ve fallen in love with - like beets, and root veggies. I’m a good cook so trying new ingredients and styles of cooking was fun for me and working with Betsy, because of her knowledge of food, kept me inspired and excited.

Over the course of 6 months, I started to work toward fixing my life and focusing on myself and my own well-being. I really learned what it means to take care of myself. I’d have to say the most significant overall change I have noticed since working with Betsy has been I am happier. I am in love with myself and my life again. I am on the right track to conquer my anxiety issues and am enjoying my body again. I lost weight, don’t suffer from bloating or reflux anymore and learned which foods I can eat and which to steer clear of. Betsy’s understanding, motivational and encouraging and I’d recommend her to people who are willing to step, just a little bit, out of their comfort zone. I am planning on returning to work with her once I become pregnant because that will be a whole different set of challenges I’ll need help with!
— Elary W., Writer, Barista, MN
When I started my coaching program with Betsy, I was suffering from migraines 3-4 times per week. I missed a lot of work and my job was in jeopardy as a result. By the time I was ½ way through my program with Betsy, my migraines had reduced in duration, intensity and frequency. I was down to 1-2 per week, they were not nearly as intense and didn’t last as long. Betsy helped me identify food triggers, recommended specific supplements and introduced me to some lifestyle habits that helped me tremendously, both physically and emotionally. I lost 15 pounds, had more energy, figured out how to come home from a long day at work and be more happy, less angry and let go of stress - which I’m sure was part of why the migraine decreased and I lost weight. She worked with me to help me figure out the best breakfast and lunch options for me to stay energized; I opened myself up to new foods and started eating more seasonally. It was a great experience working with Betsy, she’s caring and very committed to helping her clients. Betsy helped me re-connect to some of the things I loved but had let go of, like dance. I learned so much and would recommend her to anyone interested in a holistic approach to improving their health and well-being.
— Iza S., Pediatric Assistant, MN
When a woman behind me in the grocery store
asked, “When are you due?” I was shocked. I knew I wasn’t a Victoria’s Secret model, but I didn’t think I looked pregnant either. I weighed
myself and saw a number that concerned me greatly, and then called Betsy. Her program isn’t easy or fast. It’s the opposite of what we want when we are struggling with our weight (aka instant results). But what she delivers is so much more. Betsy does not focus on weight, she focuses on health. Her recommendations are meant to help you slowly change the way you live, and the way you think about food and exercise. She’s a knowledgeable and compassionate listener who’s helped me navigate many hurdles. Slowly, I’ve developed new habits and I’m living a different kind of life. Slowly, I’ve lost 30 pounds. I used to lie awake at least 3 hrs. a night, now I sleep until morning. I used to collapse on the couch at 5 p.m., exhausted, now I have more energy than anyone I know. I used to feel powerless against cravings. Now I know cravings are my body’s reaction to sugar. I don’t know how to tell you to prepare for this journey, because it will be your own, and it will be different from mine - which I’m still on. But you couldn’t choose a better guide and teacher than Betsy.
— Kelly W., Writer, Professor, VA.
When I started with Betsy I felt terrible. I had just turned 30 and I was so unhappy even though I had 2 beautiful young children and was moving forward in my career. I was worn out, tired and unhealthy. I was taking medications with potentially very serious long term side effects, and that had me worried. At 30, you’re supposed to feel like it’s the best time of your life but I was miserable. I worked with Betsy in her 1:1 coaching program. She introduced me to a practical approach to wellness that made so much sense. Her recommendations were easy to follow and even though I’d spent years in medical school and was completing my residency in trauma medicine, I’d never been taught the ideas we covered in her coaching program. The recommendations she made addressed my specific challenges but also made sense for my family. Over the course of 6 months, I was able to eliminate 1 medication entirely, and dramatically reduced the dosage on the other, I lost weight, my rosacea (that I’ve had since I was a teen) improved, I was sleeping better, had more energy, and was suffering from far fewer headaches, neck and shoulder pain and reflux. I learned how to juice and got my family juicing. I was learning about food choices, supplements and lifestyle strategies that reduced my stress level, improved my energy and my health overall. I finished my program with Betsy feeling happier and healthier than I had in years. This is important because I have small children and want to have enough energy to enjoy this time of their lives. Also, I work in a very high- stress, high-stakes environment and have to perform at my best every day. What Betsy was able to bring to my life are strategies and a common sense approach to wellness that has improved my health and made me more able to care for myself, my family and my patients. Betsy is a caring person and you feel that when you work with her. She brings a warm and approachable quality to her practice. She gave me the tools, support and confidence I needed to get my health (and happiness) on track.
— Andrea B., D.O. Emergency Medicine, FL
I decided to try Betsy’s 5 Day Health Launch Guided Cleanse for 2 reasons; one, I wanted to see if I really could do it – 3 days with no food/chewing, secondly, I wanted to see if it would help the constant joint pain I was experiencing.  I knew I would lose some weight on a 3 day liquid diet, but figured I would gain it all back immediately.  What I didn’t count on was the way this program really reset my cravings – even my cravings for sweets.  The shape of my body really changed – my gut was reduced to such a degree that I felt better doing things like yoga and bending over. The real miracle came on the third day of the program.  I woke up with zero pain in my ankles, knees, back and neck.  All the normal aches and pains from osteo arthritis were gone, and stayed gone (or at least greatly improved) for months. Due to the craving “reset”, I have managed to maintain healthier eating habits for over 6 months since I did the program. Betsy’s coaching, along with the amazing raw foods and juices provided with the program, have truly changed my life. Her words “chew your food thoughtfully” stay with me, and ensure I am more careful about. I am what I consider a “normal” eater with no dietary restrictions.  I am not a vegetarian, or gluten free, or totally organic, but I do try to be conscientious about what I eat, and be aware of where my food comes from. Betsy’s program was incredible in that it helped me make permanent changes in my diet, enabling me to better control my sweet cravings and even manage my “nervous eating.”
— Anne B., Business Advisor, FL