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Working with a health coach is one of the most extraordinary experiences you’ll ever have. It’s quite possibly the most important journey you’ll take. It’s an investment in yourself that will have a profound ripple effect and return on investment for you and those in your life. The rewards can be measured in financial, emotional, physical and quality of life gains that will pay off beyond your wildest imagination.  

BUT, it’s work. There’s accountability built into the process and at times, discomfort in breaking old habits that don’t support your health, to make room for new habits that will. The process is exhilarating, demanding and deeply transformational. The investment you make in yourself pays off when you’re ready for a new life, when you’re willing to grow your best health, when you’re able to envision and embrace all that will come with it.    

For those who are curious:

If you’re interested in knowing more about how to improve your health, if you’re getting that nagging sense that it might be time to “make some changes,” I invite you to visit BetsyCoxHealth. com often. Try your hand at recipes, tips, and use this site as a resource to learn more. This is my home away from home so please, come in, explore, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy.   

For those who are ready:

  • If you’re ready to tap into the abundant vitality and health that lies within you -
  • if you’re done surrendering your dreams and highest potential to fatigue, excess weight, cloudy mental focus
  • if you’re unwilling to pick up heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, depression, hormonal imbalances and compromises to your immune system at life’s baggage claim
  • if you’re not living the life you know you’re capable of and long for because you don’t feel well, haven’t felt well, are afraid you may never feel well
  • if you’re ready to leave mediocre health and chronic energy deficits at the curb 
  • if you know you’re capable of more and are ready to light the pilot light to get it

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